Decoding Bharatnatyam at the Citadel Feb 14 - 17

Decoding Bharatnatyam showcases the work of award-winning choreographer Nova Bhattacharya and her passion for querying the contemporary and ‘riffing off’ of the classical Indian Bharatnatyam technique to stunning effect. Broken Lines is a love letter to bharatnatyam dancers – ‘a radical work that pulls apart notions of power, tradition and ritual’; Alaap is a thoughtfully crafted meditation on the creation of the universe; and Map of the Known World, the celebrated solo for Bhattacharya commissioned from Peggy Baker, incorporates the poetry, precision and theatricality of a traditional Indian dance style that continues to take its place in Canadian contemporary expression.

Decoding Bharatnatyam features:

Alaap – a solo created for Lucy Rupert

Broken Lines - an award winning duet featuring Neena Jayarajan & Atri Nundy, and

Map of the Known World a solo for Nova by Peggy Baker, with a score by Ed Hanley

Presented by Citadel + Compagnie as part of Bright Nights 17/18.

The Citadel/Ross Centre for Dance

304 Parliament Street

Feb 14 - 17 at 8pm

$20 - $25

Decoding Bharatnatyam