DeepEnd Weekend - Save the Date!

The DeepEnd Weekend returns! A creative multi-disciplinary immersion for artists.

June 24th and 25th, 2017 (public performance on the 25th) at the Tarragon Theatre

Learn.  Meet.  Grow.


Join dancers trained in Indian classical dance styles, and artists of all disciplines, for a weekend of stimulating conversations and joyous, surprising collaborations.  

Guest dance and theatre artists Susie Burpee, Reshmi Chetram, Ross Manson, Timea Wharton-Suri, and Gein Wong are this year's speakers for Day in the Life on June 24th.  June 25th will bring back the one and only Gerry Trentham for the unforgettable experience of Season in a Day - participants are split into groups, assigned a super-fun team leader (Tanisha Taitt, Gein Wong, and others to be announced), and given some creative prompts. They have the day to MAKE A WORK OF ART to be shared with an audience in the evening.

Registration is now open to dancers trained in classical Indian styles.

Registration will be open for all on May 15, 2017.