Sleight of Hand

Featuring Nova Bhattacharya and Ed Hanley.

Ed Hanley is a master percussionist whose compositions for dance are recognized for their sensitivity and virtuosity. Their program features Peggy Baker’s seminal 1991 duet for dancer and musician Sanctum and three works created in collaboration by Hanley and Bhattacharya: maskura hailed as a groundbreaking contemporary expression of the bharatantaym form, Aditi and Related Fragments Remix. The program also featuring three solo tabla compositions by Hanley.

Sleight of Hand is an intimate and satisfying duet program of music and dance highlighting the detailed gestural language of bharatanatyam in tandem with the dexterous hand playing of the tablas. It lends itself to smaller, more intimate theatres.


Presenters with a password may view the following works that are part of the Sleight of Hand presentation:




Related Fragments Remix


Sanctum (1991)

Choreography and visual design: Peggy Baker
Original Music: Composition and performance by Ahmed Hassan
Lighting design: Marc Parent
Costume: Gulay Cokgezen

The gift of this work to the dancer was made possible through Peggy Baker Dance Projects’ The Choreographer’s Trust with funding from the George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation. Restaging of this work was supported by Canada’s National Ballet School through Peggy Baker Dance Projects.

Tabla Solo

maskura (2000)

Choreography: Nova Bhattacharya
Composer: Ed Hanley
Musicians: Ed Hanley (tabla, percussion, keyboard, guitar); Parmela Attariwala (violas)
Costume: Gulay Cokgezen

maskura is a requiem, offering the hope that what is remembered will never be lost.

Tabla solo

Aditi (2010)

Choreography: Nova Bhattacharya
Composer: Ed Hanley
Costume: Caroline O’Brien

"Aditi" (Sanskrit): limited, boundless, free, infinite. This work was commissioned by Canada Dance Festival and Danceworks.

Tabla solo

Related Fragments Remix (2009)

Choreography: Nova Bhattacharya
Composer: Ed Hanley

An exploration of the relentless nature of repetitive ritual.

Related Fragments was created for Toronto Dance Theatre’s “Four at the Winch” Program in 2007 and was originally created for 9 dancers.