Infinite Storms

Infinite Storms

Choreographer Nova Bhattacharya’s Infnite Storms is a revealing investigation into the uneasy alliance between the mind and body. Featuring Bhattacharya and four of Toronto’s most mesmerising dancers - Kate Holden, Molly Johnson, Atri Nundy and Malar Varatharaja - Infinite Storms ecstatically embraces all of the hurts and joys that life has to offer. 

the brain sends messages to the body - telling it what to do
the body sends messages to the mind - telling it what to feel
the mind feels emotional pain - the body responds
and yet, so often the two seem to work in opposition:
the mind wants to stop, the body won't let go
the body falls apart, the mind won't let go
this - this is what I mean by uneasy alliance

"My own experiences with chronic migraine, and its physical and emotional symptoms put me in a place where the only way I could survive was to accept the pain and make peace with it – and this allowed me to look at the experience as a universal one. It applies to so many things – depression, grief, addiction, insomnia, exhaustion – I have an intimate window on the internal storms every human being experiences at some point in their life, and as an artist it is my job to give voice to this through my work.  We can all find ways to live, love, and laugh despite what life throws at us. We don't do it alone, that is why this work is not a solo.  The artists who join me on this journey have been working with me since 2012, we are creating a dance for you to experience from a personal and individual perspective."

Dancers: Nova Bhattacharya, Kate Holden, Molly Johnson, Atri Nundy, Malar Varatharaja.
Creative Collaborator: Louis Laberge-Côté
Original music: Ed Hanley
Lighting: Marc Parent


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""Together, they created a dance language that needed no translation. Together, the five women were a sight to behold.""

- Aparita Bhandari, The Dance Current

""A thorough and fascinating fusion of eastern and western concepts, dance forms and philosophy, the hour-long piece consists of one reveal after another, the finale the most surprising of all.""

- Susan Walker's Artsblog


World Premiere - January 26, 2017

Franco Boni Theatre, The Theatre Centre, Toronto