Decoding Bharatnatyam

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“Dance. Define. Decode. Delight.” Susan Walker’s Arts Blog

Decoding Bharatnatyam showcases the work of Nova Bhattacharya and her passion for querying the contemporary and riffing off of the classical Indian Bharatnatyam technique to stunning effect. It begins with a shared ritual of Namaskaram with the audience and suceeds through three dances to share her unending adoration for the multi-disciplinary form. Broken Lines, a duet performed by Neena Jayarajan and Atri Nundy is ‘a radical work that pulls apart notions of power, tradition and ritual’; Alaap performed by Lucy Rupert is a thoughtfully crafted meditation on the creation of the universe; and Calm Abiding, the celebrated solo for Bhattacharya commissioned from Venezuelan born, Montreal choreographer José Navas.


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Presenters with a password can view the videos here:


Calm Abiding

Broken Lines 


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"" of the most imaginative shows seen this year""

- Deidre Kelly, Critics at Large

"“fluttering with discovery, while anchored in movement tradition… conceive(ing) a realm from the bones of what came before.”"

- Brannavy Jeyasundaram, The Dance Current


February 14-17, 2018

Presented by Citadel +Compagnie through Bright Nights

The Citadel, Toronto