Date With Dance

Date with Dance is an outreach initiative created by Nova Bhattacharya, Artistic Director of Nova Dance. In an informal studio setting she discusses the roots of the bharatanatyam form in her work and presents excerpts of dances to animate the discussion.

The dances presented are Pushpanjali; a classical dance whose literal meaning is flower offering which offers a glimpse into both the abstract and narrative elements of the form; maskura and Related Fragments Remix, created in collaboration with tabla virtuoso Ed Hanley, demonstrate her use of the form in a contemporary aesthetic.

Through this lecture-demonstration audiences are given the opportunity to learn about how dances from other parts of the world are becoming very much a part of Canadian dance. It also serves as an excellent primer for contemporary dance and how it is evolving in Canada.

Tech Info

Date with Dance has been created to be flexible and easy to present in your venue. We require a sound system with amplification and a microphone (depending on size of venue). If presented on stage basic work lights are required.


Presenters with a password may view the following works that are part of the Date with Dance presentation:



Related Fragments Remix


Registry Theatre (Waterloo, Ontario)

Danceworks (Toronto, Ontario)

Toronto Military Family Resource Centre

Soulpepper Theatre Camp (Toronto, Ontario)

Heliconian Club (Toronto, Ontario)

Amesbury Park Library (Toronto, Ontario)

Menaka Thakkar Dance Company (Toronto, Ontario)

Ontario Dances North (Sioux Lookout, Dryden, Kirkland Lake, Deep River)

Contact East (Fredericton, Moncton, Annapolis Royal, Saint John)

Sony Centre for the Performing Arts (Toronto, Ontario)

Esmerelda Enrique Spanish Dance Company (Toronto, Ontario)

Sampradaya Dance Creations (Mississauga, Ontario)

Cahoots Theatre (Toronto, Ontario)

Anuradha Sen (Independent Promoter, Concord, Ontario)

Confidance Bharatnatyam (Mississauga, Ontario)

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (Toronto, Ontario)