Svaha Story - Rachana Joshi

"It was extremely empowering and invigorating as an aspiring dance artist with an Indian Classical foundation to explore familiar movements in bharatanatyam through a new lens. When your dance vocabulary has been the same for 12 years, its refreshing and challenging to break out of the "autopilot" and cultivate an altered approach to my traditional practice... I enjoyed the patterns of precise limb configurations we were given, which focused on the functionality of the body. I was able to challenge my body to breakdown and reconfigure how my body moves through these deceptively simple positions. I also was given a new perspective on approaching practices of the namaskaaram and the allaripu to reorganize my body, center my energy, and improvise to find new possibilities and pathways in my movements. I am really thankful for the opportunity to embrace my traditional practice and have such a fun, engaging time with the awesome like minded individuals around me."

- Rachana Joshi, on the creation process of Svāhā