More love for the DeepEnd Weekend!

Zab's Dancers

Thank you to Zab Maboungo for sending us these thoughts about her experience at The DeepEnd Weekend III. Her work espoire(hope) was a riveting example of what she refers to as “rhythm culture”, bringing individuals together through the discipline and rigour that is inherent to Indian and African dance forms. I sat in on her inspirational creative process and have been walking taller ever since!

“A spearheading initiative and a first-rate artistic encounter, thoughtful, carefully planned and hopeful, that has brought together artists and profesionnals, as well as the people, to hear and see them, in one of the most welcoming places in Toronto (The Theatre Centre), THIS was the DeepEnd Weekend that Nova Dance organized with their dedicated team. Congrats to all! We are grateful." Zab Maboungou, Compagnie Nyata Nyata


Photo of Zab Maboungou by Dahlia Katz

Top photo: Photo Dahlia Katz, performers Clayton Baston, Jaya Srivasta, Atri Nundy, Slavka Marcinicinova, Nikita Jariwala