International Women's Day

It would be really easy to post a picture from Infinite Storms, and a pithy little political shout out – you know, something like “the women of Infinite Storms salute the women of the world”.  Easy, but a little empty.  These days, one single day on the calendar doesn’t seem to matter much.  These days it feels like every day needs to be a reminder to be humane, to be just, to be aware, to do something to make the world a better place.  Still, it is International Women’s Day, and it feels important to recognize it, to claim it,  to honour it.  I’ve decided to make a donation to the Native Women’s Association of Canada. They work to advance the well-being of Aboriginal women and girls, as well as their families and communities through activism, policy analysis and advocacy. Files being addressed by NWAC include: education, employment and labour, environment, health, human rights and international affairs and violence with a special focus on missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls.  I’m also making a donation to the Onaman Collective’s Land Fund to support their goal of building a permanent traditional knowledge, Indigenous languages, and arts camp.  Small gestures.  Big dreams.  Women.  Strength.  Compassion.  Resilience.