Deep End Weekend - Susie Burpee

What do Susie Burpee, Johnny Depp & Will Farrell have in common?  Their physical comedy makes me laugh so hard I cry!  What do I have in common with Susie Burpee?  Our last names start with B, we love to make people laugh, and we’ve both lived in trailers.  She is a truly stellar personality who will no doubt keep us on the edge of our seats with riveting tales of her life in dance.  Originally from Manitoba, a former company dancer for Dancemakers and Le Groupe Dance Lab, an award-winning artist, a creator for dance and theatre, a trained clown, and the woman who unknowingly taught me how to roll on the floor - Susie Burpee is yet another of the incredible artists who is a part of this year’s Day in the Life line-up at The Deep End Weekend.  Email Kiru[at]novadance[dot]ca if you'd like to get on the wait list!