A Love Letter to the Deep End Weekend

Sylvia at Deep End

Thanks to Deep End Weekend Speaker and Roaming Poet, Sylvia Hamilton, for sharing this work she penned as part of Season in a Day. 

Love Letter to Deep End Weekend’s Dancing Bodies

Our voices of doubt, our hopes for love.
What language do they dance in?

Lo Kay Toe/ Lo Kay Toe // Ka/ Ki / Ta / Taka/ Dahmei
12345678 / 12345678 // 1234567/ 1234567

So they begin the fairy godmother says.
Let there be dance. Let there be dance at dawn,
at noon, at dusk.

Let there be dance when you sleep, when you wake.
Let there be dance to activate your mind,
embody your body, stir your spirit, tender your soul.

Be one with the earth, the sea, the sky.

What work can these bodies do?
Firewords like osmosis, peak ears, permeate bodies
inhabiting ever-changing spaces.

Roll and twist, foot slap, foot stomp, foot sweep.
Hand flutter, hand clap and knee bend.
Heel toe/ heel toe/ heel toe.

Let there be dance to shake the trees,
surprise the ants, kiss the monarchs in flight,
their delicate wings alighting our eyes
to see, to see, to see, to see.

Touch your lips with a dance of love,
infuse your body with moments of peace.

We hear you, we see you, we love you.
we salute you, oh beautiful bodies.

Sylvia D. Hamilton