I’m baaaaaaaack!

I just spent 21 glorious days on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia.  I was researching the impact of cultural tourism on the development  of contemporary practice in dance, establishing a writing practice, and capital R REJUVENATING!  I was there courtesy of Ontario Arts Council’s National and International Residency Program (with a little help from ye old piggy bank!).  So grateful for the opportunity to ask questions, scratch at itches and take a break.  So appreciative of a program that supports curiosity, and the need for artists to change their surroundings from time to time.  Some pics from the last day, and the poem they inspired:

This morning, the curtain was announced for 6:34am, the moon lingers, hoping to catch a glimpse. The sun, takes her time, first sending out a gentle pink glow to light the stage. The clouds are on call, hovering in eager anticipation, they are light, they are dark, they are grey, they are white, they are whatever she commands them to be. An ombre orb of pink and orange rises from the water, one resplendent moment of a perfect circle, emerging from the watery horizon, before she summons the clouds to embrace her. The edges of the clouds glisten with her brightness, she burns, she dims, she flirts with the moon. Three times she appears, then disappears. For a moment, she splits the sky – rose and purple below her, white and blue above. The peaks of the crashing waves explode into the air, their thunderous applause demands her presence. She has the moon in her sights, casting an orange beam to cleave him to her. He shines in her light, watches longingly as she dances with the clouds. She appears long enough to cast a shimmering path in the water, I think it an invitation and swim towards her. The water is shallow, the reeds stop me – wait, they say, stand in the shifting sand, close your eyes and feel her heat, let it seep into your soul, swallow her gold, let her flames burn inside you. The water quickens around me, listen it says, listen to the song of the waves, the whisper of the wind, and the cries of the birds. The moon is still waiting, and so can you. I wait and watch as the sun finally deigns to dance with the fading moon, bathing him with her rays, allowing him to absorb her light. She reflects him back, becoming cool and calm – look at me she says, I am you. She turns my head to face the moon, it arcs with alarming speed, rushing to reach her inviting beams. My muscles spasm, my fingers are webbed, now she says, now you can start your day. I return to shore, it is 8:12am. The moon is gone. We have been released.




Congratulations to our friend Vivine Scarlett, recipient of this year's Dance Ontario Lifetime Achievement Award!  Here we are at the Mayor's Arts Awards Lunch earlier this year.  Vivine and I used to dance the Folk Arts Circuit in our younger days, we've worked together and partied together!  Incredible artist, visionary, and role model - so happy that she is being recognized for all her blood, sweat and tears.vivine and nova


Summer has arrived! BAM!  Half the year is already under our belts. Between participation in conferences in New York, Amsterdam & London, hosting our very first Deep End Weekend in Toronto, remounting Lucy Rupert’s commissioned solo as part of Urban Vessel’s Singing River and making a brand new duet for Summerworks, this year has flown by in an exhilarating flurry of creativity and connections.  Hope to see you at a show soon! Nova


Welcome to our new website!  Thanks for your interest in Nova Dance.  2016 is off to a rocking start!

I was in the City that Never Sleeps in January, speaking as an invited panelist at the International Society for the Performing Arts Congress in NYC.  Keeping the voice of the artist front and centre is super important to us, and it was a privilege to speak in front of 500 international delegates. 

February brought the opportunity to remount Akshongay, created in 2013 by myself and long-time collaborator Louis Laberge-Côté. The four-night run, as part of Coleman Lemieux and Co.’s inaugural Bright Nights series, was hugely successful.  Former Toronto Star Dance Critic Susan Walker said, “Watching them interpret each other’s dance vocabulary  – Graham-esque modern in his case, Bharatanatyam in hers – is akin to witnessing a long-married husband and wife finishing each other’s sentences.” 

The year to come promises to have many more highs: The DeepEnd Weekend at Tarragon Theatre for dancers trained in Indian classical dance styles; the premiere of a new work at Summerworks in August; traveling to the UK and the Netherlands for conferences and symposiums; and the launch of a new partnership with The Dance Current which will bring you interviews with some of the most intriguing people in dance, art and culture. 

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