The Dance Current Review: Decoding Bharatnatyam

“Story-Being” Nova Bhattacharya’s Decoding Bharatanatyam

Written by Brannavy Jeyasundaram

Introducing Shanthini’s Selections!

At Nova Dance we love to find ways to use bharathanatyam as our baseline for telling unique stories, and exploring new ways to share this powerful art form. So, not only do we want you to come see our shows, we want you to know about the incredible range of Bharathanatyam and carnatic music shows happening in and around Toronto; we also want you to know about performances highlighting a myriad of dance and music disciplines that originated in India. These productions feature highly skilled artists from Canada and around the world, providing fascinating glimpses into the rich and diverse arts practices of the South Asian diaspora – and Shanthini Kangesan is coming on board to keep us in the loop.

Shanthini is of Sri Lankan, Tamil heritage and she has been living and dancing in Canada since 1986. Like me, Shanthini is a graduate of Toronto-based dance school Nrtyakala, Indian School of Dance founded by Dr. Menaka Thakkar. Her dance studies are rounded out with a BA in Dance from Annamalai University’s Canada Campus in dance history, culture, and theory. A true dance addict she is currently training under Shijith Nambiar and Parvathy Menon of Kalakshetra to further hone her skills as a bharathanatyam soloist.

With Menaka Thakkar Dance Company she’s performed in many cities across Canada, the US, and India. As an independent artist she’s performed numerous times in the world renowned Cleveland Dance Festival – dancing in productions created by leading choreographers from India.

Shanthini believes that dance imparts a certain level of confidence, sensibility and truthfulness that grounds you as a dancer, as a human being.   “It allows one to be enlightened, and to enlighten others. It is a beneficial state of earned by those who follow their passion, and this state of mind can be shared with audiences across cultures.” She hopes to spread the beauty and benefits of this art-form in many communities across Canada, and Nova Dance is excited to partner with her by hosting “Shanthini’s Selections” – listings of the many fantastic shows that are happening – go on, venture off, try something new!

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