Our final speaker - Anjali Patil

Anjali Patil and I have been crossing paths for almost 20 years, and yet I BARELY know her - part of the reason I dreamt up A Day in the Life was so that I could get to know more about artists whose work has always drawn me in.  Anjali is one of those artists. Anjali has always impressed me because she has just been doing it: doing the practice, doing the work – and she’s been doing it in Ottawa, and in India, and frankly who knows where else?  She has a story about me that she’s planning to share (I had forgotten all about it!), so now I’m a little scared about what else she might remember that I don’t… She’s an award-winning artist, a stunning performer, and an inspired choreographer – and she’s the final speaker we have to introduce you to because it is almost here….the Deep End Weekend is this weekend!  We’ve got a few participant spots left, so connect with kiru {AT} novadance {DOT} ca if you want to join us!


Deep End Weekend - Susie Burpee

What do Susie Burpee, Johnny Depp & Will Farrell have in common?  Their physical comedy makes me laugh so hard I cry!  What do I have in common with Susie Burpee?  Our last names start with B, we love to make people laugh, and we’ve both lived in trailers.  She is a truly stellar personality who will no doubt keep us on the edge of our seats with riveting tales of her life in dance.  Originally from Manitoba, a former company dancer for Dancemakers and Le Groupe Dance Lab, an award-winning artist, a creator for dance and theatre, a trained clown, and the woman who unknowingly taught me how to roll on the floor - Susie Burpee is yet another of the incredible artists who is a part of this year’s Day in the Life line-up at The Deep End Weekend.  Email Kiru[at]novadance[dot]ca if you'd like to get on the wait list!


Deep End Weekend 2017 - Wait list now open!

Wow!  We are fully registered, and we have a growing wait list.......I guess a lot of people already know how awesome our speaker line-up for Day in the Life is!  Ross Manson, Artistic Director of Volcano Theatre is someone I have known for at least 20 years.  It started as a peripheral relationship - artists about town who connected from time to time - and then I got some pretty cool gigs because of Ross, taught for Volcano's Conservatory, and in 2013, after attending the same conference in Uganda, WE WENT ON SAFARI!!!  Ross is an actor and a director, and through his artistic directorship of Volcano he takes his own curiosity about the world and shares it with his collaborators to create works that stimulate the intellect, the conscience, and the spirit.  He has incredible stories, insights, and experiences - and I was FLOORED that he actually had the day available to join us! Here's a picture of us pre-Safari - Ross is second from the left:

ross in africa


Timea Wharton-Suri

It’s getting closer!  The Deep End Weekend!!  Day in the Life 2017, artist intro number two:  Timea Wharton-Suri, has just done something of which I HIGHLY approve - she’s QUIT HER JOB to dive back into artistic practice, and invent a new role for herself in the world of dance.  I met her when I was the Chair of the Toronto Arts Council's Dance Committee, and she was taking on the job of Dance Officer.  I’ve gotten to know her quite well, she is a passionate, intelligent, forward thinking artist who has- and will continue to do- great things for the arts.  The story of her journey thus far is quite incredible - spoiler alert, there was a deathly poisonous spider incident!  I’m so thrilled that she’s kicking off her new adventures by joining us to share the ways she has navigated life as an artist thus far, and really looking forward to finding out more about what lies ahead for this super smart arts superhero.


Deep End Weekend - Gein Wong

Day one of The Deep End Weekend is a speaker series - A Day in the Life.   Five fantastic artists share their path through life as an artist, their challenges, their inspirations, their hacks for doing it all, for aspiring for a better world, for getting out of bed and finding the resources to make art.  It is a great joy to bring together artists who I’ve known for EVER, artists I have just met, and artists I’ve known about for years but haven’t had a chance to get to know……. Day in the Life 2017 kicks off with the incredible Gein Wong.  Gein is of First Nations and Asian descent, and is Two-Spirited and Queer.  Her artistic practice is truly interdisciplinary, and cannot be contained by labels.  She is an incredibly good listener, and asker of hard-hitting, core-shaking questions.  This quality is always apparent when I take in work on which she has collaborated.  I can feel the energy with which she has imbued her contribution; this artist – their story – as expressed through their physical language, and their words.  I’ve only know Gein for three years (in this life), I’m eager to hear more of her story, and to have the chance to turn the tables and ask her some questions that grab her heart and mind.  She also has the most disarming giggle - that I’m determined to unleash!

Gein Wong