Nova talks to Tien Providence at Regent Radio

Listen to Regent Radio's Tien Providence interview Nova about Decoding Bharatnatyam, now playing at the Citadel Theatre until February 17.


Nova Profiled on Desi Diaries

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“A Day in the Life” with dancer & choreographer Nova Bhattacharya

Joel Levy from the Toronto Guardian profiles "A Day in the Life" of Nova as she prepares to present Decoding Bharatnatyam at Citadel+Compagnie's Bright Night series from February 14 - 17.

Nova talks Decoding Bharatnatyam

Listen to CBC Metro Morning's Matt Galloway interview Nova about her company's upcoming show, Decoding Bharatnatyam, at the Citadel Theatre from February 14 - 17.


Twists, turns and new journey’s in collaboration

Tabla player extraordinaire Ed Hanley and I were commissioned to create a short film for RT Collective’s Screen Moves earlier this year, and it seemed like a no-brainer.  Ed and I have been working together for 20 (!) years, and on top of that, he's been diving into photography and film in recent years, making some kick-ass trailers for Nova Dance.  When we tried to make a plan for what to film though, we were stumped.  We knew we wanted to do something simple that would revolve around the iconography of bharatnatyam, but the “what” kept eluding us, and the “why” was definitely being coy.  Finally, we went back to the beginning of our creative relationship - his music, and my dance.  Ed created a short version of his work Chartal, which I’d originally used for a piece I’d made for The School of Toronto Dance Theatre a few years back.  I worked with the music, pursuing an ongoing fascination with ritual practice in bharatnatyam, and the use of the body as a filtration device for emotions.  Ed watched me dance it, and I saw everything falling into place for him as the inspiration finally struck.  We’re quite proud of our first foray into dance film, and are excited by Ritual Traces' potential to take space for Canadian art, while being rooted in art forms that originated in India.

Watch the full length move here.

Ritual Traces